Friday, October 15, 2010

sense of humanity

back in high school, i was kind of a mislead type of person. or most people would describe that term as a journey to find who they really are. being acquire in a boarding school, everything outside the fence was indeed a wonderland.

but the question was, how human we are? it is practically right to say, people getting less and less civilize perpendicular with the development of one place is. pertinence with my story, there was one significant moment in my life that change my perspective on what way i am heading in my life.

there was this one day, i was wondering alone in the city, getting away from all those disciplinary and autocraticsm of government boarding school. as i was lighting up my cigarette, come a group of thug (immigrants. atleast. what i perceived in my mind), and i got mugged and beaten up.

i was really severely injured, but without any money, and as the sun sets down, i missed the final bus to get to my school. so i sat down, alone, at the bus stop as i think whether its a good solution to walk to my school. since its already nite, and the place where i lived was not actually a happy place, i decide to spend my nite at the bus stop.

then come this middle age guy, about 30-40 something i think, grumpy face, dark sun burned skin, dressed up like he just get back from working at a construction site, sat down not so far away from me. since we're both are waiting for bus (where obviously there's no more bus for the nite), i tried to be nice and have a chat with him.

i cant recall what were the details of our conversations, but what i can recall is he was a nice man, and his slang shows that his not from around town. i told him what happened to me and then there were silence. then he suddenly stand up and hold a taxi. as the taxi stop, he turns to me and said 'get in. you go back to your school now'. i was surprised at that time. he took out a bundle of money from his pocket, and paid the taxi driver.

i didn't even have the chance to say thank you. and not even get the chance to ask that old guy what his name was. he was an immigrant. he was not a rich person. but he have a noble and sincere heart. he had inspire me to be a better person everyday. until today.

this how i define, kindness beyond boundaries. sense of humanity.